Meaghan Macey Bio

Meaghan Macey is a young actor currently adjusting to her new life in Orlando, Florida. She was recently a part of the 2014/2015 B Street Theatre acting internship, and studied with the Stella Adler Studio of Acting (NYC Campus) Summer Conservatory. Meaghan's regional theatre credits include Molly Hagan's "Swing of the Sea", and Stefan Farrenkoph's "Tater Tot's Of Love" as well as fight choreographer for "Antony and Cleopatra" in Columbus, OH. Meaghan has twice toured with one of the most prolific professional theatre companies in the country, the B Street Theatre, performing 12 shows a week, Monday to Friday, for upwards of 8 weeks per tour. Meaghan tries to lead an active lifestyle both in and outside of the theatre, both as a professional Zip Line guide and swing and blues dance instructor. A lifelong athlete, she was Captain of her stage combat team in high school, the "Royal Rogues", and maintains her skill set in rapier, dagger, long sword, quarterstaff, as well as basic fisticuffs. Meaghan enjoys sharing her passion as a stage combat instructor through youth and adult workshops.

"If you are in Columbus this weekend, looking for something fun to see, you should definitely reserve tickets now. Prepare to fall in love with Meaghan Macey, though. She's such a darling!" - Tahrea Maynard - (About Shots In The Dark ITC's performance of "Tater Tots of Love!", for which she won's Columbus 2012 Best Actress In A Musical)